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Oncologic Imaging

Program Co-Leaders: Samuel Achilefu, PhD, and Farrokh Dehdashti, MD

Washington University has a long history of research in the area of imaging. Investigations on the clinical application of the first computed tomography scanner were carried out at Washington University, and positron emission tomography was initially developed here.

The Oncologic Imaging Program emphasizes the development of novel imaging agents for nuclear imaging, MR imaging and optical imaging as well as the application of a variety of imaging techniques to oncologic problems. The program's research is focused in the following areas:

  • The development of new imaging agents
  • The development of new techniques in the area of molecular imaging
  • The extension of agents initially designed for imaging to therapeutic applications with unsealed sources
  • The application of modern imaging techniques for the evaluation and planning of radiation treatment.

The Oncologic Imaging Program has more than 30 members from seven departments and two schools. The program has the goal of expanding collaboration on the application of imaging techniques to answer specific questions in other research programs. The program is applying its expertise in small animal imaging to collaborations with basic science programs as well as translating basic science research to human populations.