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2008 News Releases

Estrogen Can Benefit Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer 
Released: 12/11/08
Lung Cancer Vaccine to be Evaluated at Siteman Cancer Center 
Released: 12/9/08
PET Scans Shown to be Effective for Detecting a Variety of Cancers
Released: 12/5/08
Siteman Enters Three-Year Partnership With Wellness Community 
Released: 12/5/08
Siteman Offers Clinical Trial of Investigational Drug for Pancreatic Cancer 
Released: 11/26/08
Siteman Receives American College of Surgeons' Highest Approval 
Released: 11/25/08
Survival of Head and Neck Cancer Patients is Greatly Affected by Coexisting Ailments 
Released 11/24/08
Siteman Honors Students For Anti-Smoking Message
Released: 11/19/08
Washington University Scientists First to Sequence Genome of Cancer Patient 
Released 11/5/08
Construction Begins on Proton Beam Facility
Released: 10/27/08
Scientists Find New Genes Linked to Lung Cancer
Released: 10/23/08
$8.6 Million Grant Will Test New Strategies to Eliminate Cancer Disparities
Released: 10/20/08
Siteman to Open 24/7 Clinic for Patients Needing Urgent Care
Released: 9/24/08 
New Predictive Tool Can Help Determine Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients
Released: 9/23/08
Racial Disparities Decline for Cancer in Missouri
Released: 9/23/08
Zoberi Named Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at West County Facility
Released: 9/17/08
Genetic Region Linked to a Five Times Higher Lung Cancer Risk
Released: 9/10/08
Team of Scientists Uncovers Genetic Mutations Linked to Aggressive Brain Tumor
Released: 9/4/08
Breakthrough Shows Promise for Treating Endometrial Cancer
Released: 9/2/08
Dave Sinclair, Siteman Offer Free Prostate Cancer Screenings
Released: 8/11/08
Gene's Newly Explained Effect on Height May Change Tumor Disorder Treatment
Released: 8/11/08
Siteman Researcher Awarded Grant for Cancer Prevention Work
Released: 8/4/08
U.S. News Ranks Barnes-Jewish Hospital No. 12 in Nation, No. 21 in Cancer Care
Released: 7/11/08
Control Switches Found for Immune Cells that Fight Cancer, Viral Infection
Released: 7/8/08
New for Kidney Cancer: Robotic Surgery
Released: 7/1/08
Certain Anti-cancer Agents Could Be Harmful to Patients with Heart Disease
Released: 6/20/08
Some with Breast Cancer Opt for Pre-emptive Surgery
Released: 6/16/08
Thumbs Up Johnnie, Siteman Help Kids Understand Cancer
Released: 6/12/08
Bradley Named Head of Kling Center for Proton Therapy
Released: 6/12/08
Transoral Laser Microsurgery: Removing Throat and Neck Tumors Through the Mouth Minimizes Risks and Speeds Recovery
Released: 6/5/08
Unmasking High-Risk Breast Tumors Using Genetic Profile
Released: 5/21/08
Bone Drug Could Help Prevent the Spread of Breast Cancer
Released: 5/16/08
Girls, Young Women Can Cut Risk of Early Breast Cancer Through Regular Exercise
Released: 5/13/08
Researchers Find Way to Make Tumor Cells Easier to Destroy
Released: 5/6/08
Siteman Gala Raises More Than $2.3 Million
Released: 4/30/08
Siteman Receives Komen Grants
Released: 4/23/08
Nano-Sized Technology Has Super-Sized Effect on Tumors
Released: 4/4/08
Study Confirms Impact of PET Scans on Cancer Care
Released: 3/26/08
Michalski Named Interim Head of Radiation Oncology
Released: 3/25/08
Cancer Center Expands in West County
Released: 3/10/08
Fugitive Cancer Cells Can Be Blocked by Stopping Blood Cells That Aid Them
Released: 3/6/08
Mouse Model Tightly Matches Pediatric Tumor Syndrome, Will Speed Drug Hunt
Released: 3/4/08
Siteman Receives $100,000 Gift From Harrah's
Released: 1/31/08
Blunt Announces Increases in Tobacco-Prevention Funding
Released: 1/9/08
Insights into Cell Movement Likely to Aid Immune Study, Cancer Research
Released: 1/8/08