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Siteman Researcher Awarded Grant for Cancer Prevention Work

Reprinted from the St. Louis Business Journal

Aug. 4, 2008 –The American Cancer Society has awarded a $728,000 grant to a Washington University School of Medicine professor for cancer research, the society said Friday.

Siteman Cancer Center member Amy McQueen is the newest of the 12 current grant recipients in the St. Louis area. Her grant brings the society's total investment in St. Louis to $7,885,500.

With the support of the society, Washington University and Saint Louis University researchers focus on new discoveries to help achieve the society's goal of eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

McQueen, whose work combines social psychology, public health and medicine, plans to continue her research in cancer prevention and control and to specifically focus on cancer screening and tobacco cessation.

"Although my primary research focus is primary cancer prevention, I am interested in developing lines of research with cancer survivors to promote health and prevent future disease," she said in a statement.

McQueen said about 40 percent of early stage lung cancer patients continue or return to smoking within a year. She is interested in working with these patients and other high-risk patients to develop effective smoking cessation programs. She also believes that cancer survivors have an opportunity to inform and motivate family members to engage in healthy behaviors, including cancer screening, dietary changes and exercise.

McQueen would like to conduct research to better understand how cancer survivors communicate with and influence family members, then develop interventions to increase health behavior changes among families.