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2009 Research Development Awardees

Congratulation to the five 2009 Research Development Awardees.

Title: Photo- and Thermo-acoustic Tomography of Human Prostate Cancers Ex Vivo
PI: Robert Grubb III, MD (Surgery)
Co-Investigators: William Gillanders, MD (Surgery), Lihong Wang, PhD (Biomedical Engineering), Timothy Fleming, PhD (Surgery)

Title: Liver Fatty Acid Binding Protein Is a Genetic Modifier of Experimental Intestinal Tumorigenesis
PI: Matthew Mutch, MD (Surgery)
Co-Investigators: Nicholas Davidson, MD (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology), Sekhar Dharmarajan, MD 

Title: Epigenomic Signatures in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
PI: Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhD (Pathology and Immunology)
Eugene Oltz, PhD (Pathology and Immunology), Amanda Cashen, MD (Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology)

Title: Modulating DNA Repair Activities in Cancer
PI: Matthew Walter, MD (Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology)
Co-Investigator: Tom Ellenberger, DVM, PhD (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)

Title: Step to Life (StL): A Walking Program for Dose Intensity in Colon Cancer Patients on Chemotherapy
PI: Kathleen Wolin, ScD (Surgery)
Co-Investigators: Matthew Mutch, MD (Surgery), Benjamin Tan, MD (Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology), Yan Yan, MD, PhD (Surgery)