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Lung Cancer Patient Stories

After Surviving Lung Cancer, Patient Gives Back by Volunteering
Don Cummings was preparing for early retirement when a physical led to a lung cancer diagnosis. He underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Longtime Smoker Survives Cancer, Spreads Smoking Cessation Message
Ricki Kibby began smoking at an early age. At 59 she was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer. She is now cancer-free and spends time encouraging others to quit smoking.

Righting a Life Turned Upside Down by Smoking
Although Lee Hanson had smoked heavily for nearly 40 years, he still did not associate his dry, nagging cough with lung cancer. In May 2004, Hanson, was sitting at his computer terminal when he suddenly felt ill and lost all feeling in his hands.

Real Estate Agent Learns There Is Life After Lung Cancer
With a history of heart problems on both sides of her family, Jeanette Fellhauer was more than willing to have the heart scan suggested by her family physician. She was less receptive, however, when the woman scheduling her appointment kept recommending that Fellhauer get a lung scan as well.

VATS Vanquishes Lung Cancer
Thanks to video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for lung cancer, you can deal Joye Neudecker a new hand to play. Neudecker feels lucky her doctor found her lung cancer.