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Clinical Study Accrual Monitoring/Clinical Studies Outreach Program

2003– Present


Clinical studies are crucial to advancing science across the cancer care continuum, from prevention to survivorship. Patients who participate in clinical studies may have improved survival due to access to new treatments, delivery and follow-up care. Unfortunately, less than 5 percent of all cancer patients participate in clinical studies, and all minority groups are significantly underrepresented. Most importantly, new treatment standards are adopted based upon clinical study results. Therefore, broad inclusion of diverse people in clinical studies is essential to assuring that emerging cancer care standards for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are equally effective for all sectors of society.

The Clinical Study Accrual Monitoring/Clinical Studies Outreach Program of PECaD works with the Siteman Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) to achieve broad inclusion of diverse people in clinical studies. The program evaluates accrual of patients in the institution’s clinical studies and helps investigators achieve appropriate representation by gender, race and ethnicity. This program was encouraged by PECaD Disparities Elimination Advisory Committee discussion and championed by Siteman’s senior leadership team.


The program’s goals are to increase minority recruitment to cancer clinical studies through active interventions and monitoring and to increase minority participation until participation rates in studies mirror the makeup of incidence (new diagnosis) rates at the cancer center. The program implements systems-level components to induce and sustain minority accrual to clinical studies. They include leadership support, centerwide policies, infrastructure support, data analysis and reporting, and follow up with clinical investigators.

Outcomes to Date

We have seen a steady increase in minority accrual to clinical studies at the cancer center, from 13.7 percent in 2005 to 17.0 percent in 2009, while the average incidence of cancer in minority groups at Siteman during this time frame was 17.0 percent.

This approach is combined with institutional support for investigators during the planning and recruitment stages of clinical studies, such as a clinical studies video to educate patients and families about participating in clinical studies. In this video, basic information about clinical studies is conveyed, and cancer survivors who were participants discuss their experience. We continue to explore ways to enhance broad participation.


PECaD: NCI—U01CA114594
Siteman Cancer Center: NCI—P30CA91842
Institutional Support: Siteman Cancer Center and Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Project Staff
  • Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH (Primary Investigator, Washington University)
  • Lannis Hall, MD, MPH (Team Leader, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital)
  • Jennifer Tappenden, RHIA (Data Manager, Washington University)
  • Mary Foshage (PRMC Liaison, Washington University)
  • Karen Collins, PhD (Manager, Health Behavior, Communication and Outreach Core, Siteman Cancer Center)
  • Victoria Anwuri, MPH (Coordinator, Washington University)

Contact Information

Lannis Hall, MD, MPH
Phone: 636-916-9951