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2011 Siteman Cancer Center Research Development Awards

Due:  June 15, 2011

e-Letter of Intent due May 24, 2011

Purpose:  To assist Siteman Cancer Center members in developing novel, interdisciplinary, inter-programmatic, translational studies that involve two or more members from different research programs and utilize one or more of the SCC shared resources.  The research focus  is required to be in one of the disease research areas listed below AND must be a grant proposal (or part of a proposal) previously submitted to the NCI or other NIH institutes (mechanisms R01, R21 and K99) within the last year and receiving a ranking of 30th percentile or better but not funded.  Priority will be given to NCI submitted grants. These awards are expected to lead to peer-reviewed research grants, most preferably from the NCI. 

Specific RFA Requirements:

1.         Projects must have been submitted to the NCI or other NIH institute within the last year as R01, R21 or K99, reviewed, scored, and ranked in the top 30 percentile.

2.         Project must be in the area of Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary /Prostate, Gynecological, Lung or Neuro oncology research.

3.         The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a Cancer Center Member- Research, Research Associate or Clinician.

4.         The PI must collaborate with at least one other SCC member in a different research program than their own.  Programs are listed on the website at and members can be viewed on the pull down list at “Find a Researcher”  Or contact SCC Admin if the program of a member is unknown.

5.         Each application must include use of at least one SCC shared resource. For more information on SCC cores, link to  Contact with the Core Director during proposal development is encouraged.  A letter of support is not necessary but may be included.

Awards:  The Siteman Cancer Center will fund up to three awards of up to $40,000 for one year.  Detailed budgets and justifications must be submitted and will be administratively reviewed.  The budget should be prepared with your departmental administrator but should NOT be submitted to the WU-OSRS or the online institutional grants system.  A start date of July 1, 2011 is expected but not guaranteed. A no-cost extension of one year may be requested on the annual progress report.

Facilities and Administration (F&A)/Indirect Costs:  For these awards, no project specific F&A or indirect costs are allowable.  Submission of an application indicates acceptance of this provision.


Please fill out the attached letter of intent/face page, and submit it via e-mail to Christine Nolan by May 24.  (form attached).

The full submission will consist of:

  • 1-page summary describing how the project will be changed based on the reduced scope and budget.  Please respond to any reviewer’s critiques from the Summary Statement which relate to this pilot proposal.
  • Budget and budget justification form document (attached) or use a PHS 398 budget form page with justification
  • NCI Summary Statement. If you have not yet received the Summary Statement, please submit a full PDF copy of your submitted grant.

Review Process:

All applications will be evaluated by two anonymous reviewers and scored according to scientific merit and accordance with the RFA using the NIH guideline for scoring.  Proposals will be evaluated according to the degree to which they:

  • are scientifically novel and have not had prior R01, R21, K99 equivalent peer-reviewed funding,
  • are translational projects using basic science with the ability to bring to clinical studies,
  • present a strong interprogrammatic theme that bridges at least two of the program research areas of the Cancer Center noted above,
  • are likely to lead to extramural research support preferably from the NCI, and
  • utilize one or more of the SCC shared resources.

Example:  If two proposals are of equal scientific merit and only one of the two can be funded, the project that involves investigators from more programs, utilizes more cores, and/or is judged more likely to lead to extramural funding from the NCI, will be funded.

Terms of the Awards:

  • These funds are for one year.  It is expected that the Grantee will completely utilize the full amount of funding during the one-year term of the award. No-cost extensions of one year may be granted with the approval of the Research Development Committee. All unspent funds at the end of the grant period (with no-cost extensions as applicable) will be returned to the Siteman Cancer Center.
  • F&A or indirect costs are not allowable for these awards.
  • All awards must have appropriate institutional regulatory approvals (SCC Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee, Human Studies Committee (HRPO), Animal Studies, Radiation Safety) before funds will be transferred.
  • Grantees will be required to submit to the SCC Research Development Committee a brief progress report describing the results of their work, as well as related publications and funding. A progress report form will be sent to grantees approximately one month prior to the end of the award. Acceptance of funds implies a firm commitment to provide this progress report to the committee in a timely manner.
  • Any publication resulting from research supported by the SCC must acknowledge this support. Awardees are required to inform the Research Development Committee by contacting Christine Nolan (454-8132),, or other Siteman Staff if the research supported by an SCC award leads to further extramural research funding or publications.


A pre-application (email of attached form) should be sent as soon as possible or by May 24, 2011.

The Full Applications are due by 5:00 pm on June 15, 2011 also via email. 

Send both the e-letter of intent and the full application to:

Christine Nolan
Any questions or comments please call:  Christine at 454-8132.