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November 2011 Funding Opportunities


Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation funds projects that are in need of initial start-up funding to move the projects forward to the point of other independent support or to support highly promising young investigators at a time when start-up funds are limited. The foundation particularly encourages applications from physician scientists and candidates within the first few years of appointment to a tenure-track faculty position.
$60,000 per year for three years
Deadline for Internal Competition: November 30, 2011; two proposals will be selected.  Selected applicants submit full proposals by February 1, 2012.

Washington University-Pfizer Biomedical Research Program
Sponsor: Pfizer Worldwide R&D/Indications Discovery Unit (IDU)
Amount: $20,000 to $50,000 Funding provided to specific preclinical and clinical milestones (decision points) – typically, preclinical is $20-50k and accomplished in < 9 months; clinical accomplished via an IIR in an additional 12 months. Project must outline translational through to clinical validation and have a staged decision tree.
Deadline for Internal Competition: December 1, 2011
Web Site: and


The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has funding for NCCN investigator-initiated clinical studies that focus on developing innovative studies to help determine the role of afatinib in the treatment of specific solid tumors. The funding is derived from a research agreement and collaboration between NCCN and Boehringer Ingelheim.
Application deadline: January 9, 2012

AACI Translational Cancer Research Fellowship (Limited competition)

The intent of the fellowship is to provide additional support to individuals who are engaged in any area of clinical and/or translational cancer research in order to further the development of their careers and enhance their future success in an academic discipline. The AACI fellowship will provide a one-year $50,000 non-renewable grant to support post-doctoral training to individuals who have completed at least one year of training in any field of oncology and have at least one year of training remaining at an AACI member institution.
Application deadline:  February 1, 2012, at 12:00 noon, EST


Request for Applications
NCI R44 SBIR Phase IIB Bridge Awards to Accelerate the Development of Cancer Therapeutics, Imaging Technologies, Interventional Devices, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Toward Commercialization (R44)
Application Receipt Date(s): December 28, 2011; March 27, 2012

Program Announcements

NCI P01 Program Project Application
(PAR-12-005)  Proposed program projects may address any of the broad areas of cancer research, including (but not limited to) cancer biology, cancer treatment, cancer diagnosis, cancer prevention, and cancer control. Basic, translational, clinical, and/or population-based studies in all of these research areas are appropriate. Each Program Project application must consist of at least three component projects. The component projects must share a common central theme, focus, and/or overall objective.
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard Due Dates; 01/25/2011
NCI R01 Competitive Revision Applications for Research Relevant to the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act
(PAR-12-010) This FOA is to support an expansion of the scope of approved and funded R01 projects involving smoking and tobacco-related products and/or their constituents.  This FOA seeks competitive revision projects that address such aspects as: the toxicity and use of new and emerging tobacco products; effective methods to substantially reduce the toxicity of tobacco products and smoke; effective methods to substantially reduce the overall addictiveness of cigarettes and other tobacco products; and consumer perceptions and behaviors related to tobacco products, claims, and communications regarding tobacco products
Letter Of Intent due 01/30/12;  Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): February 17, 2012

R01 Translational Research at the Aging/Cancer Interface (TRACI)
PA-08-230  Translational research in the overlapping areas of human aging and cancer, linking basic and clinical research relevant to the care of older cancer patients through both bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench approaches. Ultimately, information from the research supported by this initiative should improve the health and well-being of elderly patients at risk for, or diagnosed with, cancer and decrease the functional impairment and morbidity associated with cancer in this population.
Deadline anticipated but not confirmed:  02/05/2012

NCI R01 Mechanistic Pathways Linking Psychosocial Stress and Behavior
(RFA-HL-12-037) This FOA issued by the NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Sciences Opportunity Network (OppNet) solicits Research Project grant (R01) applications from institutions and organizations that propose to investigate basic psychological, social, and environmental mechanisms and processes linking psychosocial stressors and behavior.  This FOA will facilitate investigation of multiple and potentially bidirectional pathways underlying the behavioral, environmental, and psychosocial link(s) between psychosocial stressors and behaviors that may ultimately impact biological function, health, and disease.  $350,000/year up to 3 years
Letter of Intent due:  11/19/2011
Application Receipt Date(s): 12/19/2011

NIH Director's Transformative Research Awards (R01)
(RFA-RM-11-006)  The goal of the NIH Director's Transformative Research Awards initiative is to provide support for collaborative investigative teams or individual scientists who propose transformative research projects, which, if successful, would have a major impact in a broad area of biomedical or behavioral research.
NIH Roadmap Initiatives
LOI due: 12/12/11; Application Receipt Date(s): January 12, 2012

NCI R01 Basic Research on Decision Making: Cognitive, Affective, and Developmental Perspectives This FOA encourages research grant applications that propose to increase understanding of the basic cognitive, affective, motivational, and social processes that underlie decision making across the lifespan.  This includes an appreciation of the interactions among the psychological, neurobiological, and behavioral processes in decision making.
$500,000 per year for up to three years
Application Receipt Date(s): January 18, 2012

NCI R01Collaborations with National Centers for Biomedical Computing
(PAR-12-001) Funding available for projects from individual investigators or small groups to collaborate with the NIH Common Fund for Medical Research National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs). For a description of the NCBCs see The intention of the collaborating projects is to engage researchers across the nation in building an excellent biomedical computing environment, using the computational tools and biological and behavioral application drivers of the funded NCBCs as foundation stones.
Earliest submission date:  January 5, 2012