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Siteman Flow Cytometry Core Cell Sorters

Beckman Coulter MoFlo (highly modified)

This cornerstone of the core allows for four detectors off a 200mw 488nm blue laser, up to three detectors off a 100mw 640nm red laser and up to three detectors off a 100mw 405nm violet laser. A krypton-ion laser is also available for configurations involving 350nm (UV), 530nm (green), 568nm (yellow) and 752nm (NIR). Adequate notice is required for optics changes on the krypton laser as well as up to an hour allotted for the changeover time. A Propel Labs Co-Lase tower allows simultaneous use of four lasers and nine emission detectors. The MoFlo is best known for flexible pilot study and small sample accuracy, as it has a manual sample station for minimal sample dead volume.

Sony iCyt Synergy BSC:

The Synergy is the product of six years of interactive design with iCyt in Champaign, Ill., replacing our Reflection sorter in September 2012. This sorter is known for its very accurate high-speed sorting, pushing the Poisson limits for speed while maintaining excellent viability and purity results. In addition, new reflective collection optics and the newest emission filter technology have brought the sensitivity beyond the benchmark with the modified MoFlo. This instrument has two HAPS (highly automated parallel sorters), which can perform two different experiments simultaneously. Each HAPS module has 17 colors and five laser wavelengths: 355nm (UV), 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 561nm (yellow) and 640nm (red). The sorter modules are housed in a Class 2 biological safety cabinet, which has a unique passive aerosol evacuation feature that is as robust as the Baker hood itself. The emission breadboard is very flexible, but the stock of alternate filters in a new required size is not as large as the stock amassed over 12 years on the MoFlo, so please inquire about experiment specifics. Also, each HAPS module is capable of four-way sorting and plate deposition.

Sony iCyt Reflection BSC:

The BSC Reflection is housed in a 10K clean room. It contains two HAPS modules for parallel sorting, each with 12 colors and four laser wavelengths, including a 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 532nm (green) and 640nm (red). The Reflection is capable of up to four-way sorting, but it does not have plate-deposition capability like the MoFlo or Synergy.