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Clinical Trials Core 

Medical Director: Jeff Michalski, MD 

Core Contacts:

  • Sally Anderson, MS, RN, CCRC. Associate Director, Clinical Research
    For education, scientific protocol review (PRMC) or auditing (QASMC)
    Phone 314-747-4126, pager 314-419-6279,  
  • Diane Clemens, DC, CCRP, Regulatory and Operations Manager    
    For regulatory management of trials, HIPAA compliance, clinical focus groups,, clinical trials reporting program or Siteman database reports
    Phone 314-362-4692, 


The Siteman Cancer Center Clinical Trials Core (CTC) promotes excellence in cancer research for human subjects and provides support to all investigators in the cancer center for clinical research activities. Comprehensive services are available through the CTC for all aspects of protocol development, regulatory submissions, study coordination and data management. For more information, please contact the appropriate individual.

  • Protocol Development staff provide expertise and research assistance in the following areas: study design; protocol and consent form development and editing; preparation of all regulatory paperwork, including PRMC forms, institutional review board forms, IND/IDE applications to the FDA, development of forms for data collection, registration with Clinical and the NCI Clinical Trials Reporting Program (CTRP); and creation of specifically defined databases (including ClinPortal EDC). Records, documentation and full copies of clinical trials managed by the CTC will be kept in electronic files. Information is also available through the Siteman database, and additional copies will be distributed to relevant clinical personnel. This service is available to all cancer center research and research associate members at no charge. For clinicians and affiliates, there is no charge if the protocol results in a therapeutic trial. For nonmembers, affiliates and clinicians who request assistance with nontherapeutic protocols, there is an hourly fee for any support provided after an initial consult with the protocol development team. Please contact Stephanie Myles, Senior Protocol Development Coordinator at 314-747-4223 or
  • Regulatory Services include management of all regulatory affairs, from protocol submission and processing of protocol-related actions and documents to trial closeout as well as working with the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC), Quality Assurance and Safety Monitoring Committee (QASMC) and IRB. Records, documentation and full copies of clinical trials managed by the CTC will be kept in electronic files. Information is also available through the Siteman database, and additional copies will be distributed to relevant clinical personnel. This service is available to all cancer center members for a fee.
  • Study Coordination staff members provide services in all aspects of trial conduct and data management, including but not limited to: trial logistics assessment; eligibility verification; study coordination; data collection; record retention; data safety and monitoring reporting; audit and monitoring preparation; adverse event assessment and reporting; and data summary completion for analysis. In addition, the office assists investigators with budget and contract development and other study-related activities. These services are available to all cancer center members for a fee.
  •  Education and Training of Clinical Trials Staff is provided by an aggressive orientation and training program. Additionally, the program provides continuing education opportunities to the staff. This service is currently available to clinical trials office staff members on an ongoing basis and other Washington University oncology staff members on an as-needed basis.

The core also provides clinical trials tools, Siteman web postings and electronic access to protocol documents via the Siteman database here.

LOCATION: Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center for Outpatient Health(BJHCOH), eighth floor

As of April 7, 2008, the NIH requires investigators with a publication using Siteman (or other NIH-funded) shared resources to submit (or have submitted for them) their final, peer reviewed manuscripts to PubMed Central(PMC) upon acceptance of publication, to be made publicly available within 12 months of publication. Many journals automatically submit these for authors, but Washington University also has assistance available through the Becker Medical Library. Please see or for more information.

DOCUMENT USAGE: If research supported by the Clinical Trials Core results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publication(s): We would like to thank the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, for the use of the Clinical Trials Core which provided __________ service. The Siteman Cancer Center is supported in part by NCI Cancer Center Support Grant #P30 CA91842.


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