Pediatric Transplant Program

The Siteman Cancer Center offers a pediatric transplant program for children. Washington University specialists at St. Louis Children's Hospital offer both autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplants for recipients ranging in age from infants to adolescents. Our specialists have performed transplantation for lymphomas, leukemias, immunodeficiencies and a variety of solid tumors.

The pediatric bone marrow transplant unit at St. Louis Children's Hospital is well-equipped for these patients, with private isolation rooms equipped with special HEPA filtration systems. The unit is staffed by registered nurses experienced in critical care and hematology/oncology nursing.

In April 1994, St. Louis Children's Hospital performed its first allogeneic bone marrow transplant from parent to child – the first such procedure performed in Missouri. Also in 1994, the hospital was approved by the National Marrow Donor Program as a center for matched unrelated bone marrow transplantation.

The following physicians treat pediatric patients at Siteman:

Robert J. Hayashi, MD
Shalini Shenoy, MD

For more information, visit the pediatric transplant program pages on the St. Louis Children's Hospital website.