2006 Research Development Awardees

Congratulation to the 2006 Research Development Awardees.

Title: Genetic Factors in Nicotine Dependence in an African-American Population
PI and Co-PIs: Laura Bierut, MDAlison Goate, D PhilJohn Rice, PhD

Title: The Impact of Individual and Neighborhood Resources on Colorectal Screening among African Americans
PI and Co-PIs: Anjali Deshpande, PhD, MPH, Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhDDayna Early, MD, Yan Yan

Title: Evaluation of CD47 mAb Immunotherapy for Treatment of APL and GVHD
PI and Co-PIs: Michael Rettig, PhDJohn DiPersio, MD, PhDWilliam Frazier, PhD 

Title: BRCA1-AKT Pathway in Tumorigenesis
PI and Co-PIs: Qin Yang, MD, PhD, Hanlin Wang