Membership Information

 A. Membership Categories & Eligibility

    All faculty who have a cancer-focus in clinical practice and/or research. 

CCSG Member 
    Faculty who have: 

  • A cancer-focused, peer-reviewed* funded research and/or training grant; OR
  • ≥30 interventional/therapeutic accruals/year; OR
  • A leadership position in the Cancer Center (Senior Leader, Program Leader, Core Leader, or Chair of an SCC Committee); OR
  • A leadership role in NCI National Clinical Trials Network studies; OR

*NCI-approved funding organizations qualifying as "peer-reviewed"

B. Commitment

All members commit to:

  • Affiliate with and actively participate in at least one SCC research program;
  • Inter- and intra-programmatic collaboration on proposal development, conduct, and dissemination;
  • Provide annual update of cancer-focused funding, publications, accruals, and leadership roles (nationally & institutionally) for CCSG progress report and/or competitive renewal; and
  • Acknowledge use of SCC shared resources, salary support, and/or research development awards and provide associated PMCID to document compliance with NIH policy (when appropriate). 
C. Benefit

All members receive:

  • Eligibility for SCC funding opportunities (;
  • Accessibility to undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate trainees through the Leah Menshouse Springer Summer Student Program and the Cancer Biology Pathway Program;
  • Association with specific disease-site, specialty, and/or program affiliation listed on SCC Website; and
  • Educational opportunities including SCC-sponsored speakers, program retreats, seminars and lectures.

 CCSG Members receive:

D. Review Processes

All applicants must initially be approved by the appropriate program leaders.  Applications are then reviewed by the SCC Membership Committee comprised of peer-researchers, clinicians, and SCC leadership.  

All members are reviewed by the full Membership Committee annually, to confirm that membership criteria are met in terms of active cancer research funding, clinical trial accruals, and participation in SCC program initiatives, funding opportunities, and/or shared resources.

SCC Membership Committee recommendations are reviewed/approved by SCC Senior Leadership.

E. Application Process

Applications are available upon request.  Please contact Sayako Smith, SCC Project Manager (454-3241) or