Imaging and Response Assessment Core (IRAC)

Co-Leaders: Barry Siegel, MD, and Marilyn Siegel, MD

The Imaging and Response Assessment Core (IRAC) is a shared resource available to Siteman Cancer Center members. The IRAC provides analysis and quality control for conventional imaging studies used in response evaluation for cancer clinical trials. In addition, the IRAC provides scientific consultation regarding novel response evaluation methods for cancer clinical trials.

The IRAC is part of the Center for Clinical Imaging Research.



  • Transfer of imaging exam data to a dedicated research picture-archiving and communication system (PACS) for processing and storage of images (including measurement details) is provided.

  • Standardized measurement criteria are available, e.g., RECIST (single dimension) and IWG (two-dimensional). Both SUV measurements for PET studies and DCE-MRI measurements for tumor permeability and vascularity can be requested.

  • Results are reported in an easily understood spreadsheet format reflecting the review criteria used for the analysis.

  • Web-based view tools are available for review of images and results.

  • All measurement results are reviewed by board-certified radiologists.


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