Developmental Therapeutics Program

Siteman Cancer Center’s Developmental Therapeutics Program, led by A. Craig Lockhart, MD, MHS, is dedicated to increasing opportunities for patients to participate in phase I clinical trials. These trials are the first step in testing new drugs – or established drugs in new combinations or doses – in humans. They pave the way for making new treatments available to a wider number of patients.

In general, phase I studies are not disease-specific. They are open to patients who have exhausted all standard therapies and patients who have cancers for which no standard therapies exist. These patients must have adequate performance status and organ function.

Physician Referral Information
If you are a health-care provider who would like to have one of your patients evaluated for participation in a phase I clinical trial, please complete our Referral Form with as much information as possible.

Once we receive a form, a nurse will assess the information and determine if the patient is eligible for accrual to a phase I trial. You will be contacted within two business days.

If your patient is eligible for a trial, we will contact the patient after consulting with you. We will work with the patient to schedule an appointment for further evaluation. Communication with you will be maintained through phone calls and office notes.

You also may refer a patient to one of Siteman's medical oncologists for formal evaluation of their eligibility for a phase I trial. Click here for more information about the referral process.

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