TOUCH (Therapy of Unique Canine Helpers) Dog Program

Hours: Once a week or every other week for one hour


  • Report to the clinical nurse administrator or assistant nurse manager for a visual inspection of the dog upon arrival.
  • Volunteer handler escorts dog or stays in a specified visit location in the main waiting area to interact with patients, caregivers and visitors to foster touching or other interactions with visiting dog and handler.
  • Volunteer handler is responsible for visiting dog at all times.
  • Arranges for the care of the dog during visit, including restroom breaks and feeding.
  • Maintains a healthy dog, including annual vaccinations and certificate of health as described in Appendix A of the Animal Visitation/Therapeutic Touch Dog Policy at the Siteman Cancer Center Treatment Area. A copy of vaccinations and certificate of health is retained in the volunteer’s personnel file.
  • Obtains approval 48 hours in advance for a new visiting dog.
  • Greets patients and visitors and encourages interaction.