Book Cart Volunteer Job Description

Hours: Four-hour shifts available day or evening


  • Fills book cart with books, activities, crafts and other supplies from the volunteer storage area.
  • Uses wipes to disinfect items before placement on cart.
  • Takes book cart to all oncology inpatient floors and stops by each room to offer recreational reading material and other items.
  • Use proper hand hygiene by foaming in and out of every room entered.
  • Periodically wipe entire cart down.
  • Discard items that have water stains or are dusty.
  • Direct patients to return items to the designated return area if they choose to return the items. Patients in isolation rooms are not allowed to return their items.
  • Do not roll cart into patient’s rooms. Discuss either what items are available or invite patient to visit book cart.
  • Talk with patients about support services available and hand out various information when requested.