Breast Cancer

Make an AppointmentIn recent years, there has been a shift in the way breast cancer is treated. A one-size-fits-all approach has given way to one that recognizes all breast cancers are not the same and a woman’s best chance for survival is treatment customized to her particular tumor type.

The Siteman Cancer Center is at the forefront of this revolution. Through an $8.5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute, our scientists and physicians have collaborated with colleagues from across the country to develop a test to identify the four known types of breast cancer. The use of the test is being evaluated in several clinical studies.

Through other breakthrough studies, Siteman researchers:

  • Showed estrogen therapy benefits some women with breast cancer (more)
  • Identified a unique genetic signature for a high-risk type of breast cancer that masquerades as a low-risk form of the disease (more)
  • Sequenced the genome of a woman with a high-risk form of breast cancer, revealing important clues about the way cancer spreads (more) 

As researchers continue to explore new ways to tailor therapy for breast cancer patients, many women treated at Siteman already have benefited from a customized approach through participation in clinical studies. Click here to listen to their stories. 

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