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The American Cancer Society estimates about 43,000 Americans will be diagnosed with leukemia this year. About 22,000 are expected to die from this disease of blood-producing cells. Though scientists and physicians have made much progress in fighting leukemia, the five-year relative survival rate for one of the most common types – acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) – still is less than 25 percent.

At the Siteman Cancer Center, our team of leukemia specialists is dedicated to improving survival for patients with all types of the disease. This broad-based team includes scientists and physicians who work together to translate laboratory discoveries to new treatments that benefit patients. In late 2008, this group received international recognition for becoming the first to successfully decode the complete DNA sequence of a cancer patient, a woman with AML (more). The group has since sequenced the genome of a second AML patient, revealing unexpected genetic relationships among patients (more).

Siteman’s leukemia program is integrated with its bone marrow and stem-cell transplant program. Transplantation is offered as part of a full spectrum of treatment options tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our integrated team:

  • Treats more than 1,000 patients with leukemia and related disorders annually
  • Performed more than 300 transplants in 2009, making it one of the largest programs of its type in the world
  • Offers more than 40 therapeutic clinical studies for patients with leukemia and related disorders, including studies available only at Siteman

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