2005 Press Releases

Rapid Emotional Recovery of Breast Cancer Survivors Surprises Researchers
Released: 12/21/05
Detection of Breast Cancer Recurrence Possible with Simple Blood Test
Released: 11/9/05
Early Childhood Surgery Saves Those with Gene for Thyroid Cancer
Released: 11/4/05
Mobile Mammography Goes Digital Thanks to Grant to Siteman Cancer Center
Released: 10/31/05
High-risk Women Wanted for Breast Cancer Prevention Study
Released: 10/20/05
Cell Phone Radiation Doesn't Cause Cellular Stress, Doesn't Promote Cancer
Released: 10/6/05
$16 Million Grant Advances Nanomedicine at Washington University
Released: 10/3/05
For Many Women, Digital Mammography Better at Detecting Breast Cancers
Released: 9/16/05
$10 Million Grant Enables Research on Gene-Guided Chemotherapy
Released: 8/29/05
Firefly Protein Lets Researchers Monitor Molecule Linked to Cancer
Released: 8/8/05
Thyroid Cancer Trial Will Test Promising New Drug Called 17AAG
Released: 8/3/05
Neurotransmitters Signal Aggressive Cancer, Offer Potential for Early Diagnosis
Released: 6/30/05
Vaginal Cancer Detected More Often in PET Than CT Scans
Released: 6/23/05
Study of Breast Cancer in Younger Women Seeks Volunteers
Released: 6/16/05
New Mouse Model Paves Way for Lung Cancer Studies
Released: 6/13/05
Siteman Strategies to Reduce Disparity in Cancer Care Receive Awards
Released: 5/24/05
Profile of Tumor Genes Shows Need for Individualized Chemotherapy
Released: 5/12/05
Nanoparticles Offer New Hope for Cancer Detection and Treatment
Released: 4/11/05
U.S. News Ranks Washington University School of Medicine Third in Nation
Released: 4/1/05
Barnes-Jewish Hospital Names New President
Released: 4/1/05
Old Drug Holds Promise Against Childhood Brain Tumors in Mouse Model
Released: 4/1/05
Study Results Support Combined Use of Standard Prostate Cancer Screening Tests
Released: 3/16/05
Researchers Close in on Breast Cancer Vaccine
Released: 3/2/05
Partnership Brings New Cancer Center to St. Charles County
Released: 1/28/05
Carefree People Care Less About Cancer Symptoms, Endanger Health
Released: 1/12/05
Siteman Earns Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation
Released: 1/4/05
Charles and Joanne Knight Donate $5 Million to Support Breast Health Center and Programs
Released: 1/4/05

Brain Tumor Study Reveals Why Treatment Efforts Fail in Genetic Disorder 
Released: 1/3/05