2011 News Releases

Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium Honors Vij, Washington University
Released: 12/21/2011
Key Genetic Error Found in Family of Blood Cancers
Released: 12/13/2011
Genome Institute Receives $114 Million Grant
Released: 12/6/2011
Colditz Receives Cancer Society's Top Honor
Released: 12/5/2011
Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program Awarded New CDC Grant
Released: 12/2/2011
VolleyFest Tournament Raises Over $14,000 to Fight Breast Cancer
Released: 11/28/2011
Drug May Slow Spread of Deadly Eye Cancer
Released: 11/28/2011
Probiotic Protects Intestine from Radiation Injury
Released: 11/16/2011
Girls With a Family History of Breast Disease Should Avoid Alcohol
Released: 11/14/2011
Washington University Licenses Gene Linked to Cancer Spread
Released: 11/3/2011
Siteman 2011 Holiday Cards Available
Released: 11/1/2011
Proton Accelerator on the Way to Siteman
Released: 10/27/2011
Chest X-rays Don’t Reduce Lung Cancer Deaths
Released: 10/26/2011
Studies Examine Diet's Role in Prostate Cancer
Released: 10/5/2011
Wendy's Fundraiser Yeilds More Than $19,000 for Siteman
Released: 10/5/2011
St. Louis Rams Launch 'Text To Donate' Campaign for Cancer Research
Released: 9/12/2011
Siteman Cancer Research Fund Names First Two Awardees
Released: 8/26/2011
Multicenter Proteomics Partnership Aims to Better Diagnose, Treat Cancer
Released: 8/22/2011
New Center Fosters Bench-to-Bedside Medicine 
Released: 8/18/2011
Bone Marrow Transplant Program Completes 5,000th Procedure
Released: 8/10/2011
Researchers Will Study Obesity, Cancer Link With $9.2 Million Grant
Released: 7/29/2011
Vitamin D Relieves Joint, Muscle Pain For Breast Cancer Patients 
Released: 7/26/2011
U.S. News Ranks Barnes-Jewish Hospital No. 11 In Nation, No. 16 In Cancer Care
Released: 7/20/2011
Project Aims To Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths in North St. Louis
Released: 7/6/2011
Lollo Named Vice President of Cancer Services
Released: 7/6/2011
Analysis Reveals More Detailed Picture of Genetic Mutations in Ovarian Cancer
Released: 6/29/2011
Online Archive To Link Tumor Scans, Genetic Data
Released: 6/23/2011
Siteman’s Cancer Transitions Group Offers Support for Survivors
Released: 6/23/2011
Sidney Kimmel Foundation Awards Grant to Siteman Memeber
Released: 6/22/2011
Siteman Receives $350,000 From Charitable Shoe Sale
Released: 6/21/2011
Siteman Surgeon Captains Pedal the Cause Team
Released: 6/6/2011
Local Company Raises Money for Siteman Through Sale of Breast Cancer Flag
Released: 6/2/2011
Medical Oncologist Receives Grant to Study Lymphoma Care at VA Hospitals
Released: 5/25/2011
Estrogen-Lowering Drugs Reduce Mastectomy Rates
Released: 5/9/2011
Decoding Cancer Patients’ Genomes Is Powerful Diagnostic Tool
Released: 4/20/2011
New Division Aims to Improve Public Health 
Released: 4/6/2011
Caution for Estrogen Therapy After Hysterectomy
Released: 4/6/2011
DNA of 50 Breast Cancer Patients Decoded
Released: 4/2/2011
Limited-Edition Cardinals Cap Helps Raise Research Dollars
Released: 3/29/2011
Mouse Cancer Genome Unveils Genetic Errors in Human Cancers
Released: 3/23/2011
New Radiation Therapy Tools Target Prostate Tumors More Accurately
Released: 3/21/2011
Kristin Chenoweth to Perform at illumination Gala
Released: 3/7/2011
Division of Medical Oncology Announces Leadership Changes
Released: 3/2/11
Recently Approved Screening Tool Offers 3-D View of Breast
Released: 2/16/11
Easing FDA Tobacco Advertising Rules Around Schools Could Cripple Law
Released: 2/10/11
Gynecologic Cancer Unit Relocates to Improve Patient Experience
Released: 2/1/11
Cancer Information Tool Wins Health 2.0 Developer Challenge
Released: 1/28/11
Study Raises Safety Concerns About Experimental Cancer Approach
Released: 1/25/11