Edward and Marilyn Schnuck Healing Garden Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

By Kelly Pahl

PHOTO BY KELLY PAHL Bob and Jane Ingle enjoy a May afternoon in the Edward and Marilyn Schnuck Healing Garden.


PHOTOS BY TIM MUDROVIC Scenes from the Edward and Marilyn Schnuck Healing Garden.

June 6, 2011 – After a cold, snowy winter and long days of chemotherapy, Bob and Jane Ingle have appreciated watching the Edward and Marilyn Schnuck Healing Garden at the Siteman Cancer at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital spring back to life.

On a sunny May day, they sat side by side on a garden bench. “We’ve watched flowers bloom and the plants rejuvenate,” Jane Ingle says. “It’s nice to be able to leave the hospital air and come out into the fresh air and sunshine. It’s also a spacious place to visit with family.”

Diagnosed with sarcoma in January, Bob Ingle spends five six-hour days every three weeks receiving chemotherapy. “I’m here a long time, and it’s soothing to be able to go outdoors and have lunch and sit in the garden,” he says.

The Edward and Marilyn Schnuck Healing Garden, which opened in 2010, wraps around and behind Siteman’s location at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital. It’s filled with trees and flowers, a rock garden and a small pond. It also has tables, benches and an umbrella, providing a place for privacy and healing for patients and families.

Both the garden, which is visible from the treatment area, and the interior facility were constructed with the patient experience in mind and feature soothing surroundings and amenities.

“Research has shown that nature promotes healing and stress relief,” says Lisa Kehlenbrink, clinical nurse administrator of the facility. “We wanted to create a place for patients and visitors and our own caregivers to relax and get away in a beautiful setting for awhile. Our patients and their families really enjoy the garden.”

Jane Ingle says the garden complements the outstanding and compassionate care Bob receives from Siteman. “The people who work here are such positive, caring and friendly people,” she says. “It’s like a little family.”