Washington University American Cancer Society-Institutional Research Grant Recent Awardees

Year Investigator Name, Degree, Academic Title (at time of award) Department Project Title
2013 Ryan Fields, MD, Assistant Professor Surgery Identifying mechanisms of metastasis to improve outcomes in metastatic colorectal cancer
Albert Kim, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor  Neurosurgery Ubiquitin signaling genes in the control of glioblastoma cancer stem cell function
Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor  Radiology, Division of Nuclear Medicine A feasibility study of FDOPA-PET/MRI for treatment monitoring in recurrent pediatric brain tumors 
Nima Mosammaparast, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor  Pathology  Immunology Tumor specific functions of the ALKBH3 complex in DNA alkylation damage repair 
2012 Parag Banerjee, PhD, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Atomic ‘cloaks’ for carcinogenic nanoparticles:  Assessing their viability and potential
Kimberly Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor Public Health Inherited tumor predisposition syndromes as model populations for pediatric brain cancer

Mary Markiewicz, PhD, Assistant Professor 

Pathology and Immunology The role of NKG2D in immunosurveillance of spontaneous lymphoma
Robert Pufahl, PhD, Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Mutations in DDR2 kinase in esophageal cancer and their functional implications 
2011 Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD, Instructor Psychiatry Investigating responses to increases in cigarette taxes

Jaebok Choi, PhD, Research Instructor 

Internal Medicine Molecular Mechanisms of Regulatory T cells: Identification of epigenetically regulated molecules 
Stephen Oh, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Functional characterization of LNK mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms 

Julie Schwarz, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor 

Radiation Oncology Exploring the mechanisms of Akt regulation of glucose metabolism in cervical cancer 
2010 Walter Akers, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor Radiology  Optical imaging for improved resection and photodynamic therapy of glioblastoma multiforme
Daniel Rauch, PhD, Research Instructor Internal Medicine Inflammation-activated photodynamic chemotherapy
Jieya Shao, PhD, Research Instructor Neurology Profilin as a regulated tumor supporessor: the role of Ser-71 phosphorylation
Seth Strope, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor Surgery Increasing efficiency of surveillance for bladder cancer survivors 

Kenneth Carson, MD, Assistant Professor 

Internal Medicine Evaluation of obesity and African-American race on survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 

Andrea Wang-Gillam, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor 

Internal Medicine MicroRNA expression signatures to predict cervical cancer outcome 

Tammie Benzinger, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Radiology Quantitative advanced MR imaging to predict brain tumor response to stereotactic radiosurgery

Thomas Brett, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Internal Medicine Structural and biophysical studies of hCLCA2/a6ß4-integrin interaction in cancer metastasis to lungs
Xiaowei Wang, PhD, Instructor Radiation Oncology MicroRNA expression signatures to predict cervical cancer outcome
Zhongsheng You, PhD, Assistant Professor Cell Biology and Physiology Temporal regulation of DNA double-strand break repair