Number: 201105499 Principal Investigator: Bradley, Jeffrey
Title: IMRT for Esophagus Cancer: A Phase I Feasibility Study in Non-Operative Patients
Phase: I Disease Site: Esophagus
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Main Campus
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West County
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The purpose of this study is to find out about the effectiveness and safety of a new way of delivering radiation therapy. Standard treatment for esophageal cancer includes radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy. In this study, we will give you radiation therapy through a system called tomotherapy. Tomotherapy is designed to target the tumor and regions at risk more precisely than conventional radiation therapy. Tomotherapy involves delivering the radiation doses in a corkscrew or helical fashion, attacking the tumor from 360 degrees, rather than from only 3 or 4 directions. We believe that this way of delivering radiation therapy will be more effective, but we are still testing this procedure for safety.
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