Number: CALGB 90203 Principal Investigator: Picus, Joel
Title: A Randomized Phase III Study of Neo-Adjuvant Docetaxel and Androgen Deprivation Prior to Radical Prostatectomy versus Immediate Radical Prostatectomy in Patients with High-Risk, Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer
Phase: III Disease Site: Prostate
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The purpose of this study is to compare the effects (good and bad) of the combination of chemotherapy and hormone therapy followed by radical prostatectomy (surgery to remove your prostate) with radical prostatectomy alone to see which is better.

This research is being done because many men with your type of prostate cancer are at risk of having the cancer come back if they are treated only with surgery. We are trying to find out if giving chemotherapy with hormone therapy before surgery makes the chance of being cured of prostate cancer better.

About 750 men will take part in this study nation-wide, with 10 participating at Washington University.
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