Number: P2C MC057H Principal Investigator: Moley, Jeffrey
Title: A Phase II Study of GW 786034 (Pazopanib) in Advanced Thyroid Cancer
Phase: II Disease Site: Thyroid
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Main Campus
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St. Peters
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West County
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Contact: 800-600-3606 or

This study is being done to learn what effects (good and bad) GW786034 has on patients and their thyroid cancer. GW786034 (also called pazopanib), given as a pill, is an investigational anti-cancer drug that has
not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in this type of cancer. Pazopanib is a drug that inhibits the formation of new blood vessels, which may be important in the development and progression of thyroid cancer.
This study will be done in a group of healthcare centers that have joined together to research cancer and cancer treatments. This group of healthcare centers is known as the Phase 2 Consortium (P2C). The P2C is supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Being in a research study does not take the place of routine physical exams or visits to a patient's own doctor and should not be relied on to diagnose or treat medical problems.
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