Number: CTSU S0816 Principal Investigator: Bartlett, Nancy
Title: A Phase II Trial of Response-Adapted Therapy of Stage III-IV Hodgkin Lymphoma using Early Interim FDG-PET Imaging
Phase: II Disease Site: Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Participating Site(s):
Main Campus
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This study is being done to find out if it is possible to use the result of a PET scan after only two cycles of treatment to identify patients who are not responding to a combination of standard chemotherapy called "ABVD". This approach of determining how the treatment is working by looking at an early PET scan would allow an earlier switch to another standard but more intensive combination chemotherapy called "BEACOPP". We would like to find out if the investigational approach of switching from ABVD to BEACOPP based on the results of the early PET scan will improve the chances that Hodgkin lymphoma will be cured.

About 230 people are expected to take part in this study and approximately 15 people will take part in this study at Washington University.

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