Number: 201101802 Principal Investigator: Govindan, Ramaswamy
Title: A Phase I study of palifosfamide-tris administered in combination with IV etoposide and IV carboplatin in patients with malignancies for which etoposide and carboplatin are an appropriate therapeutic choice
Phase: I Disease Site: Multiple Sites
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Main Campus
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The main purpose of this study is to look at the safety of adding palifosfamide-tris to the etoposide and carboplatin treatment. To do this, the first group of 3 subjects in the study will get a low dose of palifosfamide. If there are no severe safety issues, the dose will get higher for each group of 3 subjects. Everyone will get the standard doses of etoposide and carboplatin. The secondary purpose of the study is to see if your cancer changes during the treatment. This will be done by measuring your cancer by a radiologic examination, such as a CT scan, that your doctor believes is appropriate before treatment begins. If at any time during your treatment, your doctor orders another radiologic exam, your cancer will be measured again; however, it is not required that you have additional radiologic examinations.
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