Number: 201202074 Principal Investigator: Lockhart, A. Craig
Title: A Phase 1 Evaluation of 64Cu-DOTA-U3-1287 in Subjects with Advanced Solid Tumors and Determination of Tumor Receptor Occupancy by U3-1287
Phase: I Disease Site: Multiple Sites
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The purpose of this research study is to discover more information about a drug called U3-1287. Early research about this drug has shown that in order for this drug to be most effective, a certain concentration of the drug must be reached in the body. During the course of this study, we are planning to use positron emission tomography (also known as PET scanning, a type of imaging described more in
detail below) to help determine when the desired concentration of the drug has been reached. This will be done together with the administration of U3-1287, except the U3-1287 that you receive before the PET scans will be “radiolabeled,” which means it will be “tagged” with a radioactive molecule of
copper so that the drug will show up on the PET scan. The radiolabeled U3-1287 will also be a much smaller dose than the dose you will receive as treatment during the study.
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