Number: 201209143 Principal Investigator: Cyr, Amy
Title: A prospective, randomized trial of sentinel lymph node biopsy versus no additional staging in patients with clinical T1-T2 N0 M0 invasive breast cancer and negative axillary ultrasound
Phase: N/A Disease Site: Breast, Female
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The purpose of this study is to determine if axillary ultrasound can be used instead of sentinel lymph node biopsy to detect spread of the breast cancer to the lymph nodes under the arm without compromising patient treatments or outcomes. The obvious advantage of using axillary ultrasound instead of sentinel lymph node biopsy is that it is not a surgical procedure. There is no incision, and there are none of the risks that are associated with surgery such as bleeding, infection, and pain. A potential disadvantage of axillary ultrasound is that it is currently an unproven technology for this specific use, and if it is not as good as sentinel lymph node biopsy for detecting spread of the breast cancer, it can result in a false sense of security, and patients may not be treated with the best possible treatments. In the worst case scenario, if patients are not treated with the best possible treatments, they may be less likely to be cured of their breast cancer.
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