Number: 201304029 Principal Investigator: Lockhart, A. Craig
Title: Effect of 14-day repeated oral doses of SAR302503 on ventricular repolarization, compared to 1- day placebo in adult patients with advanced solid tumors
Phase: I Disease Site: Multiple Sites
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The primary purpose of this clinical study is to assess the effect of SAR302503 on heart activity measured with the electrocardiogram tracing, in comparison with placebo. For this reason, the electric activity of your heart will be recorded with a device called “cardiac Holter”. This is a painless exam, during which electrodes will be placed on your chest and connected to a box recording on a memory stick with your electrocardiogram (recording of the heart activity and of the heart rate) continuously for 24 or 25 hours. This recording will then be read and analyzed by a cardiologist.
SAR302503 is a drug which targets a protein called JAK2. JAK2 has been shown to play a role in helping cancer cells spread. The impact of SAR302503 on survival and cell multiplication has been seen in cancer cell cultures.
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