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John Welch, MD, PhD

660 S. Euclid Ave.
Campus Box 8007
St. Louis, MO 63110

Primary Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology, Section of Stem Cell Biology, Washington University School of Medicine
Research Interest:
Understanding pathways of normal myeloid development and leukemic dysregulation of myeloid self-renewal programs. As a model system, I have focused on acute promyelocytic leukemia, which is associated with the t(15;17) translocation and the PML-RARA fusion oncoprotein. Initial exposure of hematopoietic cells to PML-RARA leads to inappropriate self-renewal but not myeloproliferation. We are now focusing on understanding programs that lead to dysregulated self-renewal by PML-RARA, especially retinoid receptor-dependent pathways.
•2002: PhD, biomedical sciences, University of California, San Diego
•2004: MD, University of California, San Diego
•2004-2006: Intern and resident, internal medicine, Washington University, St. Louis
•2006-2010: Fellow, hematology and oncology, Washington University
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