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Lilianna Solnica-Krezel, PhD

660 S. Euclid Ave.
Campus Box 8103
St. Louis, MO 63110

Primary Academic Title:
Professor and Chair of Developmental Biology, Washington University School of Medicine
Research Interest:
Employing the zebrafish and human embryonic stem cell models to study the molecular mechanisms of cell fate specification and movements during vertebrate gastrulation. Given that many signaling pathways implicated in gastrulation -- including canonical Wnt, Wnt/PCP, Stat3, BMPs, and G protein-coupled receptors -- have also been implicated in tumorigenesis and invasive cell behaviors, our studies shed new light on their roles in these processes.
•1985: MSc, molecular biology, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
•1991: PhD, oncology and developmental genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
•1991-1995: Postdoctoral fellow, developmental genetics, Harvard University, Boston
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