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ViewRay™ MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

ViewRay The ViewRay™ MRI-guided radiation therapy system is a breakthrough technology initially developed at Washington University. The integrated system combines radiation treatments with a continuous magnetic resonance imaging system.

MR imaging highlights soft tissue better than other imaging techniques. By using MRI to help guide radiation therapy treatments in real time, the radiation oncology team is able to see where the radiation dose is being delivered and determine if any subtle changes are occurring to the tumor or surrounding tissue. The ability for continuous soft-tissue imaging means that a patient’s treatment plan or radiation dose can be adjusted immediately if changes are noted.

ViewRay™ was developed by a Washington University physicist and evaluated by radiation oncologists here. The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the technology for use in May 2012. We are the first location in the world to use this advanced cancer treatment technology. Ideal cases for ViewRay™ include cancers in the abdomen or pelvis, where current imaging doesn’t allow radiation oncologists to see clearly.