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Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities

Siteman Cancer Center's Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) aims to create a national model for eliminating disparities in cancer through community-based partnerships and to be a catalyst for change in our region by fostering healthy communities and breaking down barriers to quality cancer care. PECaD has adopted a three-part approach to this goal.

  1. Community Outreach
    • Develop effective strategies for providing timely, appropriate and respectful cancer care for our entire community, including prevention, detection, treatment, end-of-life care and family support.
    • Identify medically underserved parts of our community the barriers to quality cancer care for these populations
    • Enhance community health and access to cancer care through culturally competent and population-approriate policies and programs
    • Aggressively build funding to ensure long-term sustainability for community outreach activities
  2. Research
    • Enhance the cancer knowledge base by strengthening the relevance and reach of our research programs
    • Foster widespread community dialogue about the history and purpose of medical research
    • Engage community leadership in determining future directions for cancer research both at a comprehensive level and for disease-specific areas
    • Identify enablers and barriers to participation in clinical trials and create programs that focus on these factors
    • Make the informed consent process easier to understand regarding the risks, benefits and goals of individual research projects
  3. Education
    • Identify, disseminate and support evidence-based strategies for reducing cancer disparities and providing effective care for underserved populations
    • Provide education, support and feedback for researchers about disparities in cancer care and the research process

More information about PECaD's mission can be found here.  You can contact PECaD by calling 314-747-4611 or e-mailing