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Donna Dinh
Bayless Junior High
8th Grade
First Place

Why Not to Smoke

There are many choices in life but one of the worst choices is smoking. Smoking can damage and affects your lungs. If you have been smoking for awhile, then you might have the weakest lungs out there. So that means that smoking is not a game but a life or death situation. For example, my dad has been smoking for years and can’t stop. Now I am scared that he might die soon in my life. Hopefully this essay would help you to stay away from smoking or put an end to it.

When you or someone else has been smoking, you can see some changes in yourself or them. Since smoking is addictive, people are willing to sell everything they have just so they can get cigarettes. Over time, those very same people choose to lose all of the people that love them in life. And because of smoking, those people that were your friends will be driven away because of how smoking makes you act. But the most dangerous effect to a smoker is cancer. The cancer you can get after smoking can kill you.

If you smoke around your friends, you can also do damage to them because they are breathing in your smoke and it can damage their lungs and heart. Another thing you can do to them is to have them start smoking, like when they see you smoke, they might think it’s ok for them to smoke as well. But for some people, their friends might hate smoking so much that they might stop being your friend.

Finally how smoking affects your job life. When you go for an interview and your appearance isn’t good because of smoking. When you smoke some effects start to happen like yellow teeth, bad breath, and smelly clothes. But if you do get the job, you won’t be able to work as great you use to when you were younger because you’ll be coughing all the time thanks to your smoing.

During the last three paragraphs I was talking about what smoking does to the smoker and the people around them but I wasn’t tlking about what happens to the people that care for them a lot. Well if you don’t stop them, you will regret losing them.