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Jacob Politte
Bayless Junior High
7th Grade

It’s Your Choice!

Hi, my name is Jacob Politte. I’ve had to go through a lot of family members smoking. I have never smoked, but have you? If you haven’t, you should know its’ painful effects:

• Teeth loss, discoloring, and decay.

•Makes you look old.

•You will have memory loss.

•You might have asthma attacks after you smoke

•Smoking might cause strokes and lung cancer.

•You might have a loss of taste.

I’ve lost many people to smoking, but two of those people were really close to me. In January 2001, my grandma, who was living with us, was rushed to the hospital. She had smoked for almost her whole life. Here I am, a 4‐year‐old‐boy, watching my grandma die in front of my eyes. About 30 seconds before the big tragedy, her eyes, wide open, were looking at me, and she was smiling. And then she was gone. Smoking had claimed her life.

But that wasn’t the only one. My dad smoked too. He smoked so much, it got to where he couldn’t walk anymore. And it got even worse after that. He started having memory loss. He asked me who I was, who my mom was, and who my aunt, who was taking care of him when we were gone, was. By late 2004, we knew that the end was near. He wasn’t improving. He’d fall out of bed, and my mom and I would sometimes take 2 hours to put him back in his hospital bed. Whenever he took a shower, we’d have to carry him to the tub and back. He’d miss out on my birthday parties, because he couldn’t get

out of his bed. We’d have to bring the party to him. He sometimes refused to eat, and would just keep smoking and smoking. Five days after my 9th birthday, he was eating breakfast, and we just lost him. He was gone because smoking claimed his life too.

Smoking is basically a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a murder that feasts on humans every year. With the deaths of my family members, I have understood that smoking is surely a bad thing and not to do it!

I’m persuaded not to smoke, but are you? If not, remember this, when you smoke, your life is at stake.