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2007 News Releases

Post-treatment PET Scans Can Reassure Cervical Cancer Patients
Released: 11/26/07
Immune System Can Drive Cancers Into Dormant State
Released: 11/26/07
Cancer Gene Drives Pivotal Decision in Early Brain Development
Released: 11/12/07
Innovative Molecular Imaging Center Gets Five-Year, $10 Million Renewal Grant
Released: 11/12/07
Siteman Cancer Center’s Coletti Named “St. Louis Nurse of the Year”
Released: 11/7/07
Siteman Helps Smokers “Kick The Habit”
Released: 11/6/07
Genome Researchers Uncover Novel Genetic Alterations in Lung Cancer
Released: 11/6/07
Discovery Could Increase Tumors' Sensitivity to Radiation Therapy
Released: 11/6/07
New Facility to House BioMed 21 Research at Washington University Medical Center
Released: 10/30/07
BJC Institute of Health Established at Washington University With $30 Million Gift
Released: 10/30/07
Siteman Member Named AAAS Fellow
Released: 10/25/07
Navy Pilot Meets Leukemia Patient He Saved
Released: 10/17/07
Study Suggests Existing Drugs May Be Useful in Treating Brain Tumors
Released: 10/06/07
New Guidelines for Women With Abnormal Pap Smears
Released: 10/11/07
New Technologies Add Precision to Prostate Cancer Treatments
Released: 10/10/07
Humphrey Named Ladenson Professor of Pathology
Released: 10/9/07
Siteman, Komen Advance Breast Cancer Research, Outreach
Released: 10/8/07
Bright Tumors, Dim Prospects
Released: 9/13/07
Local Doctor Helps Identify New Breast Cancer Risks
Released: 9/6/07
Addiction Study to Examine Interaction of Genes and Environment
Released: 9/4/07
Siteman Director Timothy Eberlein, MD, Elected to Board of National Cancer Association
Released: 8/28/07
Grant Will Help Researcher Seek Causes of Pediatric Lung Tumor
Released: 8/23/07
Washington University Becomes Member of Major Cancer Research Consortium
Released: 8/21/07
Gene Therapy Using Adeno-associated Virus Linked to Liver Cancer in Mice
Released: 8/6/07
Siteman Gives Children “HUGS”
Released: 7/19/07
U.S.News Ranks Barnes-Jewish Hospital No. 9 in Nation, No. 19 in Cancer Care
Released: 7/13/07
Lung Cancer Vaccine Tested
Released: 6/29/07
Siteman Cancer Center Unveils Web Tool for Estimating Risk of Five Major Diseases
Released: 6/28/07
Robotic System to Be Used for Prostate Surgery
Released: 6/20/07
Siteman Advocate Wins Policy Award
Released: 6/19/07
Gene Discovery Lays Groundwork for Targeted Therapies for Endometrial Cancer
Released: 5/29/07
New Therapy at Siteman Shortens Treatment from Weeks to Days
Released: 4/30/07
New Breast Cancer Treatment Cuts Radiation Course to 5 Days
Released: 4/16/07
Brain Tumors Coax Important Support from Nearby Immune System Cells
Released: 4/12/07
Breast Cancer Patients' Treatment Response May Help Reveal Cancer Genes
Released: 4/9/07
Cancer Recurrence Can be Hard for Patients to Face
Released: 4/9/07
David Mutch Named President-Elect of Gynecologic Oncologist Society
Released: 4/9/07
Siteman Receives Komen Grants
Released: 4/5/07
Nanoparticles Can Track Cells Deep Within Living Organisms
Released: 3/26/07
Measuring Lung Motion Leads to Better Radiation Treatment for Lung Cancer
Released: 3/15/07
Minimally Invasive Treatment Offers New Alternative for Testicular Cancer
Released: 3/6/07
Studies Identify DNA Regions Linked to Nicotine Dependence
Released: 2/19/07
HIV Protein Enlisted to Help Kill Cancer Cells
Released: 2/8/07
Genetic Fingerprints Identify Brain Tumors' Origins
Released: 2/1/07
Scientists to Assess Effects of Multiple Copies of Genes on Disease Risk
Released: 1/29/07
Researchers Urge Monitoring of Bone Health During Chemotherapy
Director Receives Sheen Award
Released: 1/26/07