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Patient Stories

Patient Shares Her Cancer Story From Misdiagnosis to Survivorship
Erica Griffin was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer after initially being told by her physician that a lump in her breast was likely a cyst.

Siteman Employee, Wife Share Story  
Siteman Cancer Center business manager Kent Zimmerman and his wife, Stephanie, were expecting twins when they received devestating news: a lump in Stephanie's breast was cancerous. Thanks to a quick diagnosis and effective treatment, the twins and their mother are all healthy.

Patient Discusses Brachytherapy Treatment
Judy Johnson gives an in-depth look at brachytherapy for breast cancer. Johnson chose the intense, short-term treatment after speaking with her physician about her options. She felt it was the best choice for her. 

Nurse: Don't Take Breast Changes For Granted
Barbara Rogers, RN, staff nurse at Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s cardio cath and electro physiology labs, learned firsthand about the diverse ways breast cancer presents itself when she was diagnosed in March 2007.

Mammograms Should Be a Priority
A mammogram changed the course of Josephine Bond’s life. She attributes her survival to early detection. Her experience has led her to become a strong advocate for cancer screening and a mentor to newly diagnosed women.

Katie's Breast Cancer Story
Nurse anesthetist Katie Osthoff was shocked when she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. A year after her diagnosis, the mother of three says the disease changed her life. She's grateful to the Siteman Cancer Center for getting her through the the treatment experience and on with her life.

Customized Breast Cancer Treatment
Most researchers who study breast cancer now recognize there are at least four different subtypes of the disease, each identified by specific molecular signatures. Although the use of molecular subtyping to guide treatment is not standard medical practice, some targeted therapies are available to women through clinical studies. Hear the stories of four breast cancer patients at Siteman who have benefited from this type of treatment.