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2010 Research Development Awardees

Congratulation to the four 2010 Research Development Awardees.

Title: MicroRNA Expression and Genetic Alterations in Follicular Lymphoma
PI: Todd Fehniger, MD (Medicine)
Co-Investigator: Elaine Mardis, PhD (Genome Center)

Title: CD47 Blockade to Improve Tumor Radiotherapy
PI:  William Frazier, PhD, (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
Co-Investigator:  Dennis Hallahan, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Title:  Personalized Breast Cancer Vaccines Based on Genome Sequencing
PI:  Will Gillanders, MD (Surgery Department)
Co-Investigator:  Matthew Ellis, MB, BChir, PhD

Title:  Early Stage Lung Cancer
PI:  Susana Gonzalo, PhD (Radiation Oncology)
Co-Investigators: David Piwnica-Worms, MD, PhDKatherine Weilbaecher, MD; Adriana Dusso, Enrique Izaguire