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Community Partnerships

PECaD’s site-specific cancer community partnerships foster ongoing dialogue with community stakeholders, including individuals and community organizations in the region. The goal is to refine program strategies designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate cancer disparities. The partnerships create an avenue through which community cancer needs and priorities can then be reflected in the implementation of program activities.

Members of each partnership consist of cancer survivors and advocates, representatives from community health-care organizations, representatives of community-based organizations, and academic faculty members and staff. Members jointly develop goals and projects that are consistent with the overall mission and operation of PECaD. Together, partnership members regularly review progress and update/refine goals and projects as needed.

Current community partnerships include:

We encourage faculty and staff within Washington University to attend partnership meetings to learn about community cancer priorities and interact with community members. This enhances the relevance and reach of research activities to community priorities and needs. Visit our educational events calendar and sort by PECaD to search for the dates of upcoming partnership meetings.

Community members interested in learning more or joining a partnership can contact PECaD at 314-747-1189 or