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2003 News Releases

Cancers' Love-Hate Relationship with Proteins Offers New Treatment Window 
Released: 12/17/03
State-of-the-Art GMP Facility Set to Open 
Released: 12/15/03
Brain Tumor Growth Requires Abnormal Cellular Neighbors 
Released: 12/15/03
Researchers to Study Quality of Life in Women With Early Breast Cancer
Released: 11/26/03
Johnston to Become Genetics Society President
Released: 12/01/03
Anti-Platelet Drug Blocks Bone Metastases in Mice
Released: 11/3/03
Scientists Identify Potential Lung Tumor Susceptibility Genes in Mice 
Released: 10/28/03
Ley Elected to Prestigious Institute of Medicine  
Released: 10/23/03
Lance Armstrong to Visit the Siteman Cancer Center on Cross-Country Bike Tour 
Released: 9/17/03
Method to Keep Track of Cancer Comorbidities Is Successful; May Help Cancer Research 
Released: 9/16/03
Siteman Cancer Center Awarded Grant From Tommy Thompson 
Released: 9/5/03
Ellis named to new Anheuser-Bush Chair at Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Released: 9/3/03
Mutation May Help Cause Acute Myeloid Leukemia 
Released: 8/1/03
Voice Restoration Surgery Is a Success 
Released: 6/16/03
Accurate Diagnosis of Early Stage Uterine Cancer Requires Lymph-Node Check
Released: 6/2/03
Use of Nicotine Inhalers Could Reduce Rates of Smoking-Related Illnesses 
Released: 5/29/03
Bone Marrow Stem Cells May One Day Help Treat Damaged Livers 
Released: 5/14/03
Gene Mutation in Some Uterine Tumors May Signal That Cancer Runs in Family 
Released: 5/13/03
Pain management: Rapid Increase of Opioids Benefits Some Dying Pediatric Cancer Patients 
Released: 4/17/03
Patients Prefer "Virtual" Colonoscopy but Dislike Preparation 
Released: 3/13/03
Volunteers with Barrett's Esophagus Needed for Cancer Prevention Study
Released: 2/19/03
Researchers Identify Protein that Kills Cancer Cells 
Released: 1/17/03
Townsend, You Recruited to Lead New Siteman Cancer Center Programs 
Released: 1/17/03