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Oncologic Imaging

Program Co-Leaders: Samuel Achilefu, PhD, and Farrokh Dehdashti, MD

Washington University has a long history of research in the area of imaging. Investigations on the clinical application of the first computed tomography scanner were carried out at Washington University, and positron emission tomography was initially developed here. The Oncologic Imaging Program at Siteman Cancer Center has 41 members from seven departments and three schools. The major goals of the OIP are to facilitate new research initiatives, expand ongoing collaborations, train students and fellows, support junior faculty, and develop new methods to address fundamental and clinical cancer imaging needs. These goals will be accomplished through intra- and inter-programmatic activities and external partnerships.

The program’s highest priorities include developing imaging agents and technologies for detecting, diagnosing and treating cancer, as well as increasing the understanding of animal models utilized in basic cancer research. OIP activities will be guided by the following specific aims:

  • Develop new novel imaging instruments for diagnostic applications and image-guided cancer therapies
  • Develop novel molecular imaging agents for accurate detection, assessment of tumor-specific properties, and monitoring therapeutic response to improve treatment outcomes
  • Elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cancer therapy by developing novel preclinical molecular imaging models and methods to understand tumor biology and enhance therapy
  • Educate, train, and mentor students, fellows, junior faculty and the community in cancer imaging research

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