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Translational and Clinical Research

Program Co-Leaders: Jeffrey Moley, MD, and Lee Ratner, MD, PhD

The Translational and Clinical Research Program of the Siteman Cancer Center consists of 53 members representing 13 departments on the Washington University School of Medicine and main Danforth campuses. The goal of the program is to bring new insights from Siteman's basic sciences programs into innovative clinical trials that will have an important impact on improving oncologic care for patients. Particular emphasis is put on utilizing information from signaling pathways, (eg FGFR2 in endometrial cancer, NF1 in glioblastoma and RET in thyroid cancer), genomics (lung cancer, glioblastoma, prostate cancer and rectal cancer) and oncologic imaging (prostate cancer, lung and esophageal cancers, and thyroid cancer) for the design, analysis and interpretation of clinical research trials and studies. Collaborations with the Prevention and Control Program are also fostered and have resulted in grants, publications and clinical projects in such areas as prostate cancer screening and co-morbidity studies.

The Translational and Clinical Research Program provides the supporting network for an expanding developmental therapeutics program focused on institutional phase 0, I and II studies. The program also supports disease-based working groups to develop, review, prioritize and conduct clinical trials research, with special emphasis on working groups in lung, endometrial, prostate and GI cancer as well as neuro-oncology. Furthermore, the program provides training of investigators at all levels of experience and offers educational opportunities, including seminars, courses, retreats, journal clubs, workshops and work-in-progress meetings.


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