A Note to Caregivers

There are many lives touched by cancer in one way or another. The treatment teams at Siteman Cancer Center know that diagnosis and treatment of cancer also affects caregivers - family and friends involved in a person's cancer care. These effects can touch many parts of one's life, such as the body, mind, and spirit. We hope the resources provided here will help you along this journey.

Resources and support to family caregivers at Siteman Cancer Center include:

Education about cancer and its treatment 

  • Speak with the doctor or nurse caring for your loved one. Ask questions if you don't understand.
  • Visit the Barnard Health and Cancer Information Center (BHCIC). There you can speak to nurses and get free education materials. It is on the first floor of the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) behind the piano. The number is (314) 362-7844.
  • Attend Siteman Education Programs. These free programs provide information and resources to help patients and caregivers learn more about cancer and its treatment.

Emotional support 

  • Attend a support group. To find one that fits you, speak with the doctor, nurse, or social worker caring for your loved one.
  • Take part in "Arts as Healing". This includes different programs that use forms of art as tools in the healing process. Some classes include Creative Drawing, Creative Writing and Knitting to Relax.
  • Contact the Siteman Counseling Service. This service provides counseling to patients with cancer and their family members. If you would like to learn more or make an appointment, please call (314) 747-5587.

Community and Hospital Resources 

Online Resources  


Take a moment to read the Caregiver's Bill of Rights

If you are deaf or feel more at ease speaking a language other than English, you can use an interpreter for your appointments at the hospital.

Ask for an interpreter if one is not already present during any appointment or visit.

We recommend the trained interpreters provided by Barnes-Jewish Hospital at no cost to you.