Radiation Oncology Overview
Cancer patients at the Siteman Cancer Center have access to a wide array of radiation therapy treatments.

Also called radiation therapy or radiotherapy, radiation oncology is a special area of medicine that uses high dose radiation to pinpoint cancerous tissue and destroy it, while minimizing damage to surrounding, healthy tissue.

It can be used for many different types of cancer and in cancer almost anywhere in the body. Radiation therapy can also be used in combination with either chemotherapy or surgery to treat cancer.

Almost half of all cancer patients are likely to receive radiation therapy during the course of their cancer treatment. And with our team of Washington University physicians sculpting individualized treatment plans, patients are sure to receive the most effective treatment available.

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History of Excellence
The radiation therapy program at Siteman has a long-standing legacy of pioneering radiation treatment protocols and in helping to design and evaluate the latest radiation therapy technologies.

Our specialists have compiled an impressive list of firsts, not only in the field of radiology but also specific to cancer treatment.

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Judy Johnson

Patient Stories
Patient Judy Johnson discusses the radiation treatment she underwent for breast cancer. Johnson chose a more intense, short-term treatment called brachytherapy.

Another patient, Milton Smith, discusses his prostate cancer treatment. After looking at his options, Smith chose to undergo external-beam radiation therapy.

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