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Prevention and Control

Associate Director: Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH
Program Co-Leaders: Sarah Gehlert, PhD, and  Kimberly Kaphingst

The Prevention and Control Program includes 53 members from 11 different departments and three schools: Washington University School of MedicineWashington University School of Social Work and Saint Louis University School of Public Health. The program’s overarching goal is to develop and conduct research across the cancer continuum that is transdisciplinary in nature and translational in focus. 

Within the program, transdisciplinary research spans from cell to society to address key problems in cancer prevention and control, including disparities, communication, tobacco control and energy balance. Translational research evaluates efforts to implement and disseminate evidence-based cancer control initiatives into clinical and public health practice as well as health policy. To achieve these goals, the Prevention and Control Program:

  • Provides scientific leadership that identifies and actively promotes opportunities for trandisciplinary and translational cancer prevention and control science
  • Recruits and supports new scientific talent with interests and experience in the two goal areas
  • Assembles and supports transdisciplinary teams across the cancer center
  • Coordinates seminars, workshops and training sessions that help shape the research ideas and skills of cancer prevention and control researchers
  • Builds community partnerships to assure cancer center research is responsive to local needs, conducted in real world settings and accountable for timely translation of research into practice

Leading-edge research is under way across the program. Examples include studies examining and reducing breast cancer disparities, integrating communication into cancer care and exploring ways to improve tobacco control from genetics to social systems.


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Gerald Andriole, MD Surgery
Lauren Arnold, PhD, MPH Community Health
Elizabeth Baker, PhD Community Health
Laura Bierut, MD Psychiatry
Stephen Broderick, MD Surgery
Ross Brownson, PhD Public Health - Social Work
Kathleen Bucholz, PhD Psychiatry
Charlene Caburnay, PhD, MPH Public Health - Social Work
Kenneth Carson, MD Internal Medicine
Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD Psychiatry
Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH Surgery
Anjali Deshpande, PhD, MPH Internal Medicine
Bettina Drake, PhD, MPH Surgery
Bradley Evanoff, MD, MPH Internal Medicine
Feng Gao, MD, PhD Biostatistics
Sarah Gehlert, PhD Public Health - Social Work
David Gierada, MD Radiology
Melody Goodman, PhD, MS Surgery
Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD Public Health - Social Work
Andrew Heath, D Phil Psychiatry
Christine Hoehner, MSPH, PhD Surgery
Aimee James, PhD, MPH Surgery
Donna Jeffe, PhD Internal Medicine
Kimberly Johnson, PhD, MPH Public Health - Social Work
Kimberly Kaphingst, ScD Surgery
Matthew Kreuter, PhD Public Health - Social Work
Steven Lawrence, MD, MS Internal Medicine
Christina Lessov-Schlaggar, PhD Psychiatry
Jingxia (Esther) Liu, PhD Biostatistics
Rebecca Lobb, ScD, MPH Surgery
Douglas Luke, PhD Public Health - Social Work
Pamela Madden, PhD Psychiatry
Amy McQueen, PhD Internal Medicine
Michele Pergadia, PhD Psychiatry
Jay Piccirillo, MD Otolaryngology
Mary Politi, PhD Surgery
John Rice, PhD Psychiatry
Stephen Ristvedt, PhD Psychiatry
Catherine Roe, PhD Neurology
Nancy Saccone, PhD Genetics
Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD Public Health - Social Work
Kenneth Schechtman, PhD Biostatistics
Mario Schootman, PhD Community Health
Katherine Stamatakis, PhD, MPH Community Health
Seth Strope, MD, MPH Surgery
Siobhan Sutcliffe, PhD, ScM, MHS Surgery
Adetunji Toriola, MD, PhD Surgery
Yian Wang, MD, PhD Surgery
Erika Waters, PhD, MPH Surgery
Ricardo Wray, PhD Community Health